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Introducing our new range names.

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Over 10 years in the making, Radix is the most technically advanced way to ensure optimal nutrition with ultimate ease. We create products that simply maximise nutrient intake to unlock your best health and elevate everyday potential.

Today, we have exciting news to share with you all!


From October next month, you will notice a change to the name of some of your favourite products. But don't be alarmed; your products stay the same; we are only rebranding the range names.


The Performance Range will become the Original Range.

The Expedition Range will become the Ultra Range.

The Keto Range will be staying the same.

Radix Nutrition Meal Ranges

As Radix has grown, we have come to understand that Performance and Expedition is terminology that categorises these two ranges as being exclusively for these two occasions, which has caused confusion for a lot of our valued customers.


The Performance Range is not just for athletes and adventurers but for every person looking to optimise their health and, subsequently, performance - whatever that may be for you. It comprises the fundamentals of nutrition for everyday health and is, therefore, the original nutrition solutionIt comes in 400 kcal and 600 kcal serving sizes.


The Expedition Range is not just for expeditions, but for highly active, busy, or athletic individuals. This range is designed to provide high energy in an efficient and lightweight format. It also comprises the fundamentals of nutrition, but with a formulation for ultra-energy! It comes in an 800 kcal serving size.


As we roll out these new range names we’re also rolling out a major packaging refresh! That means there will be a transition period while we sell through the remaining meals in the current packaging. The new packaging also introduces a number of exciting improvements to Radix meals:

1. No O2 absorber!

2. Thinner labelling & less plastic!

3. Better packaging material structure.

4. Packaging is now manufactured locally!


All of these improvements contribute to a lighter product that's better for the environment. We’re super excited to be sharing this update with you! If you have any questions please feel free to email


All the best!

The Radix Team